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Our organization focuses on four key areas: Health, Education, Economic Empowerment and Public Policy. 


Our priorities for health are:

-Eliminating disparities within the health community

-Prevention of chronic diseases and decreasing their mortality rate within the Black community

-Ensuring access to affordable health care 

-Advocating for and helping disperse culturally competent research for chronic diseases that affect Black women at a disproportionate rate

Advocating and working towards a better quality of life through better public safety policies and resources and the decline of crime in our communities


Our priorities in education are:

-Eliminating disparities that children of color face in our education system

-Exposing students especially girls to STEM and encouraging them to pursue a career in the STEM field

- Preparing students for vocational training and college 

- Improving graduation rates and students' outcomes upon graduating

-Support Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)

-Making higher education accessible and affordable

Economic Empowerment

Our priorities for economic empowerment are:

-Advocating and working towards pay equity for women, especially Black women

-Growing the number of and supporting minority and women-owned businesses in our community

-Advocating and ensuring access to livable wage employment opportunities

Public Policy 

Our focus for public policy is:

-Voter education, voter registration, and voter rights/legislation

- Issuing timely policy alerts and position papers on key public policy issues

-Increasing the number of women candidates running and winning political offices

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